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Service User And Care Involvement Analysis Social Work Essay

Administration User And Care Involvement Analysis Social Work Essay This audit will comprise of a presentation, points of the survey, and techniques for information assortment, discoveries on a progression of inquiries and replies on the degree of administration client association in the release procedure, ends, and potential suggestions for change. It will finish up with a reflection piece. The accompanying survey will talk about the issue of administration client inclusion in the release/move methodology. The audit was assembled by the creator inside a nineteen had relations with Forensic Mental Health unit. The ward was at full limit at the hour of composing this survey. The administration clients all had various degrees of psychological maladjustment, each with an alternate history, level of subjective mindfulness, level of systematization and ability to adjust and change. This survey will evaluate to what degree administration clients are engaged with the release arranging process in the ward, assuming any, and give potential proposals on how this procedure might be improved. Points of the Review During this arrangement the creator settled regarding a matter to survey, this subject was administration client contribution in release arranging. While ordering data for the survey a few inquiries emerged these inquiries were: Does the administration client feel remembered for dynamic? How does the staff include the administration client in the dynamic if by any stretch of the imagination? Has release been talked about with the administration client? These inquiries lead to the creator building some key inquiries to do in the audit these will be examined further in the discoveries. 91 Strategies used to develop audit The information for the survey was gathered over a multi week time frame inside the ward. The creator counseled administration clients notes, went to multidisciplinary group gatherings and led a progression of semi-organized, coordinated meetings with administration clients and staff, including an expert, specialists, ward director, medical caretakers, nursing collaborators and word related advisors. A writing search was likewise completed utilizing licensed databases including CINAHL and the British Nursing Index. Applicable diary articles were found on these databases utilizing watchwords, for example, administration client, inclusion and psychological well-being administrations. Nursing research books were additionally used to assemble data alongside sites underlining national arrangements and models for psychological wellness nursing. 110 Discoveries How are choices made inside the arrangement zone with respect to release arranging? A Forensic Mental Health Unit isn't a piece of the jail administrations it is a help that spends significant time in the appraisal and treatment of individuals who have a Mental Disorder. As per the Mental Health Care and Treatment Act 2003 a psychological issue is a sickness such a character issue or learning inability characterized by the demonstration, whereby the psychological issue has been a contributing element to the individual culpable. During the time on this situation inquire about was completed by the creator on strategies and techniques for release arranging. The one specifically that was seen as significant was the Care Program Approach (CPA). CPA is about early ID of necessities, task of people or associations to address those issues in a concurred and co-ordinated way and ordinary surveys of progress with the administration client and care suppliers. CPA is additionally about including family or carers at the soonest point. The Care Program Approach necessitates that administration clients ought to be furnished with duplicates of their consideration plans and it has been progressively basic for administration clients who have been the obligation of scientific therapists to have duplicates of reports identifying with their consideration. (DOH 2008). Frameworks were set up for extensive consideration arranging. There was proof to show that the administration clients social, instructive and word related necessities were considered in the consideration arranging process and other expert intercessions were accessible. Likewise, sometimes, release/move arranging was apparent from a beginning period (not long after affirmation), in spite of the fact that in different cases a couple of months had passed before any archive noticed those conversations. Release arranging is improved by the Care Program Approach (CPA) a multi-disciplinary consideration arranging precise methodology that includes administration clients and their carers. Care Program Approach is the system for care co-appointment and asset distribution in emotional wellness administrations. Choices for release are made through the multi-disciplinary group which comprises of experts, ward administrator, nursing staff, word related treatment and social laborers. release direction 4. This will go ahead to a council where the administration client will be welcome to partake, here all the proof will be advanced and a choice will be made. In the event that the administration client is limited, at that point the choice will be made by the First M inister. At the point when an assistance client is limited it implies a request has been concerned them as they are seen by the demonstration to be an increasingly genuine guilty party, this at that point implies that the Home Office is liable for conceding release and a delegate will be welcome to the Tribunal (MHCT Act 2003 SECTION 37/41). Most help clients have long haul emotional wellness issues and complex social needs and have been in contact with psychological wellness administrations for over twenty years so never consider release. Being in emergency clinic for such a long time has become some portion of their lives so administration clients consider it to be trivial being released, what might I do. 488 Area 117 AFTER-CARE Preceding 1983, no legal arrangement was made for the after-care of patients released from medical clinic. Segment 117 presented and characterized formal after-care. Specifically it expressed: It will be the tune of the wellbeing authority and the nearby power to furnish related to intentional organizations after-care administrations for any individual to whom this Section applies, until such time that the wellbeing authority and neighborhood authority are fulfilled that the individual concerned is no longer needing such administrations . Segment 117 of the 1983 Mental Health Act applies to patients who have been kept under Section 3,37, 37/41, 47/49, 48/49. Before a choice is taken to release or award leave to a patient, it is the obligation of the RMO to guarantee, in interview with different individuals from the multi-disciplinary group, that the patients requirements for wellbeing and social consideration have been completely evaluated, and that the consideration plan tends to them. The Section 117 gathering The point of the gathering is to draw up an after-care plan, in view of the latest multi-disciplinary evaluation of the patients needs. During the gathering the accompanying territories ought to be secured as proper: Lodging Finances Relationships/family Employment Social needs Brain science/emotional well-being challenges Relapse indicators Known hazard factors At the point when the consideration plan is concurred the group ought to guarantee that a key laborer is recognized to screen the consideration plan. The Care Co-Ordinator can emerge out of both of the legal organizations, and ought not be selected except if they are available at the gathering, or except if they have given their earlier understanding.. The procedure for Sec 117 can be found in Trust Policy and Procedure and applies to all patients acknowledged by mental administrations. What choices/inclusion does the administration client have in this procedure? Inside this position the consideration and treatment plans are investigated all the time. Administration clients are relied upon to meet with their key laborer and other colleagues all the time, care plans are audited at these gatherings and a common understanding will be chosen, on the most ideal path forward, when the consideration plan has been concurred by all the administration client needs to hold fast to the consideration plan.(discharge guidance)no.16 Rights, Relationships and Recovery (2006): The Report of the National Review of Mental Health Nursing in Scotland Administration clients are urged to be completely engaged with all parts of their consideration to the extent they can. Administration clients over a significant time span wishes ought to be considered, their perspectives and conclusions concerning their treatment plan should likewise be recorded, as expressed in the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act Scotland 2003. These desires and perspectives will be transformed into a consideration plan that is individual to the administration client. The standards of the demonstration support any choice made identifying with a confined assistance client in Scotland. The Milan Committee dedicated a part in the demonstration that alluded to high hazard patients it expressed that administration clients ought to have the privilege of enticement to be moved from a high or medium secure office to that of an office with lower security conditions. (Emotional well-being Care and Treatment Scotland Act 2003). This anyway appeared to be the issue no m atter how you look at it, absence of medium/low secure offices to release/move fitting help clients to. Administration clients have the open door for standard one-to-ones with their key specialists (week after week premise) or all the more consistently on the off chance that they require. Administration clients have the chance to advance their considerations on release and some other part of their consideration at the survey, for example, their privileges, convictions and their entitlement to a council. The creator went to these independant councils while on this situation and at these courts individuals had expressed that their human rights had been abused (The Human Rights Act 1998). They believed they were all the while being victimized for offenses they had submitted 20-30 years back and feel they were being held under extreme security consequently the explanation behind the council to request against this degree of security. this would mean they would be allowed grounds access on a time for testing which might be regulated, at that point become solo for a time for testing to perce ive how the administration client would adapt, this thusly will prompt a further court occurring in a set time concurred for instance 4 or a half year away, where the administration client might be conceded release/move to a lower secure unit depending that all arrangements

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Many Ways to Break

Numerous Ways to Break Numerous Ways to Break Numerous Ways to Break By Mark Nichol How can one break? Which relational word follows the action word break depends, in American English colloquialism, on which sort of exacting or metaphorical breaking is happening. To split away is to get away, to unexpectedly isolate from a gathering, as in a race, to quit accomplishing something (additionally alluded to as taking a break), or to end or decrease one’s reliance on another. A piece of something is likewise supposed to be split away from an entirety. (See likewise â€Å"break up.†) â€Å"Break down† intends to capitulate to one’s feelings, or alludes to when something, for example, a vehicle, quits working, or to isolating something into parts or decimating it; the thing structure is breakdown. To break for something is to quit accomplishing something, for example, working (additionally alluded to as taking a break), or to run toward something out of nowhere, as when attempting to get away. â€Å"Break in† intends to interfere, interrupt, or attack. What's more, one breaks an individual or a creature in via preparing him, her, or it; to break something in is to familiarize it to utilize. To break into intends to begin accomplishing something out of nowhere, as in â€Å"break into song† or â€Å"break into tears.† â€Å"Break into† can likewise be interchangeable with â€Å"break in† or can allude to isolating something into pieces. An intrusion of private property is known as a break-in. To sever is to out of nowhere hinder one’s discourse or a gathering or to cut off correspondence with somebody, or it can allude to a piece of something isolating from the entirety. â€Å"Break out† can allude to the beginning of a rash or another skin condition, to a getaway, or to an abrupt upheaval or to the start of an unsettling influence, for example, a mob or a marvel, for example, a fire. It likewise portrays the demonstration of out of nowhere making something, for example, drinks and additionally food accessible. One can likewise get the shakes from uneasiness. The thing structure, appropriate just for certain faculties, is breakout. Waves or an unexpected flood of water can break over an item, for example, a ship’s gunwale or a seawall or other hindrance. Someone or something can get through a strict or metaphorical obstruction; the demonstration is known as an advancement. â€Å"Break up† is slang for cutting off a sentimental association, yet it can likewise allude to the division of an entire into littler pieces, regardless of whether normally, as when ice breaks, releases, and melts in hotter climate, or falsely, as when someone breaks a sweet treat into segments to share it; the thing structure is separation. (The counsel â€Å"Break it up!† is a call to quit participating in something, for example, a battle.) One can break with convention, which implies accomplishing something uniquely in contrast to it is usually done. Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Expressions classification, check our well known posts, or pick a related post below:50 Slang Terms for MoneyDisappointed + Preposition25 Idioms About Bread and Dessert

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Dream President-Novelist Collaborations

Dream President-Novelist Collaborations News that James Patterson and former President Bill Clinton are teaming up to write a mystery novel got me imagining what books we couldve gotten if only other presidents wrote novels.  Yall we couldve had some awesome (if kind of weird) novels. Ive paired ten  presidents with ten  leading authors alive at the same time. The authors had to have written at least one work of fiction by the time the president left office. Oh, and I didnt pair anyone with Mark Twain because I just want every president in his lifetime to collaborate with Twain everyone from Lincoln to Roosevelt! Barack Obama and Ta-Nehisi Coates: I would 100% read a comic book co-authored by Obama and Coates. Especially after reading My President Was Black in  The Atlantic. I imagine that they would come up with an engrossing, woke af spin on the entire comic book genre. Obama never mentioned comic books in his lists of reads, but Id like to believe that hes read  Black Panther in the months since leaving office. Ronald Reagan and Joan Didion: If these two couldve spent more than 10 minutes in the same room together, I suspect they couldve come up with a pretty unique spin on the culture of celebrity and American life. Didions essay in In the Realm of the Fisher King (collected in  After Henry) nailed Reagans economic policies. Her writing on Hollywood, like  Play it as it Lays, suggests to me that she couldve done something subversive, popular, and brilliant in tense collaboration with  Reagan. Richard Nixon and Toni Morrison: Just hear me out on this one. During Nixons presidency, Morrison published both The Bluest Eye  and  Sula. Morrison was clearly interested in inferiority complexes, why the powerful refuse to relinquish power, and social order. Theres no doubt in my mind that a Nixon-Morrison writing partnership would be troubled and difficult, but I suspect that Morrison could work with the raw material of a man like Nixon (paranoid, ambitious, deceitful, and crass) to write an insightful novel. Lyndon B. Johnson and Robert Penn Warren: This is perhaps my dream novelist-president pairing. Ive written before  about my love for  everything Warren, so Im a little biased. However, I think that Warrens attention to the American south and his interest in Civil Rights, white liberalism, and a certain kind of good ol boy would make for a fascinating joint effort with the brash LBJ. I  know Willie Stark, central  character in  All the Kings Men, was based on  Huey Long. Still, that probably set up Warren to handle a man like Johnson. Dwight D. Eisenhower and J.D. Salinger: Salinger seems like the perfect voice to take on the Eisenhower, post-war cultural landscape (as indeed he did in  Catcher in the Rye). I can only imagine the conversations between Eisenhower, a war hero and president, and the author who railed against all the phonies. The two of them could have made something great together that celebrated and poked holes in the conformity of the 1950s. Woodrow Wilson and Margaret Mitchell: This pairing seems pretty likely, actually. Mitchells Gone with the Wind  is a deeply lets just say problematic at best, novel and we know that Wilsons legacy on race is less than stellar.  I dont want more racist literature in the world but, if Im being honest, I suspect theyd have written a book that wed read today as an example of a specific kind of progressive-but-racist, early 20th century art. So maybe it would still serve a cautionary purpose? Teddy Roosevelt and Jack London: I was surprised to learn that Roosevelt was pretty critical of authors like London, who he called nature fakers. That said, I do wonder if he doth protest too much. The  tension between these two couldve birthed an intense epic of masculine, wilderness tales suffused with wolves and manly men being men in the woods. Ulysses S. Grant and Herman Melville: Possibly unpopular opinion: Grant was a great president who doesnt get the credit he deserves. Grant and Melville were born just three years apart. The scope of both Melvilles  Moby Dick and Grants memoirs makes me think that these two couldve come up with an incredible novel about the American Civil War. Grant once said that, In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins. If thats not something Ahab couldve understood, I dont know what is. Andrew Jackson and Edgar Allan Poe: Of course Poe, master of horror and author of the worlds first mystery novel, shouldve worked with Jackson. The presidents Indian removal policies certainly  suggest that Jackson was a man without conscience and capable of inflicting tremendous pain and suffering on others. My hope is that Poe wouldve produced something critical of Jacksons ideology but, honestly, wed probably just get a tour de force of a creepy, troubled, violent psyche. George Washington and Jupiter Hammon: This is perhaps the least likely pairing on a list of unlikely pairings. It strikes me almost silly to imagine that Washington wouldve wanted to work with Hammon, an African American and slave, and yet Hammons life as a slave in New York, where Washington fought the Revolution and the nations first capital, is a powerful rebuke to many of the Revolutions stated ideals. Hammon wrote poetry and religious texts, so hes the exception to the rule for this list of novelists, but I think that he couldve created a nuanced tale that involved the American origin story, republican theology, and liberty. What president do you want writing a novel with your favorite author?

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Veronica Roth Fiction and Movie List

Veronica Roth wrote the first of the books that would become the best-selling Divergent series when she was still in college, earning a degree in creative writing. She wrote Divergent during winter break before her graduation in 2010 and sold the book the same year. It debuted at No. 6 on The New York Times best-seller list. It captured the imagination of the public, and two more books in the series followed: Insurgent and Allegiant. In the three young-adult science fiction novels, she told a coming-of-age story set in post-apocalyptic Chicago. Following the release of several Divergent series companion novellas and short stories, Roth began what may become a second series with the release of Carve the Mark in 2017. Books and Short Fiction by Veronica Roth 2011 -  Divergent  is the first book in a young-adult dystopian trilogy that takes place in a future Chicago. The story is told from the perspective of Tris, a 16-year-old. This future society is split into five factions based on the virtue they cultivate—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful)  and Erudite (the intelligent). Every 16-year-old must choose which faction they will devote their lives to and then undergo a rigorous initiation into the group. Beatrice, or Tris, must choose between her family and who she truly is.2012 -  Insurgent, the second book in the  Divergent  trilogy, deals with the fallout of Tris choice and a looming war between factions.2012 -  Free Four  - This  short story  retells the knife throwing scene from Divergent  from Tobias perspective.2013 -  Shards Ashes  - This anthology of short stories included a selection from  Veronica Roth.2013 -  Allegiant  - The last book in the  Divergent  trilogy reveals the secrets of the dystopian world that captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.2013 - Four: The Transfer is a  novella that examines the world of the Divergent series through the eyes of Tobias Eaton.2014- The Initiate - Tobias  initiation into Dauntless, his first tattoo, and his interest in training new initiates are all covered in this novella.2014 - Four: The Son - This novella explores Tobias  struggles with the Dauntless hierarchy as he learns a secret about his past that could affect his future.2014 - Four: The Traitor  - The novella runs parallel with the early events in Divergent and includes the first meeting of Tobias and Tris Prior.2014 -  Four: A Divergent Story Collection is a  companion volume to the Divergent series that is told from the perspective of Tobias. It includes The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son and The Traitor, all of which were originally published separately.2017 - Carve the Mar k  is a science fiction fantasy set on a planet where violence rules and every person receives a currentgift, a unique power meant to shape the future. The currentgift given to Cyra and Akos, two characters from separate tribes, make them vulnerable to the control of others. When the enmity between their factions and families seems insurmountable, they decide to help each other to survive.2017  - We Can Be Mended is a short story epilogue that takes place five years after Allegiant. It focuses on the character Four. Movies Made From Roth Books Four big-screen movies have been made from the three books of the Divergent series: Divergent (2014)Insurgent (2015)The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016)The Divergent Series: Ascendent (2017)

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The Behavioral Aspects Of Personality Essay - 1650 Words

Major Concepts** In regards to personality, I find myself very interested in the behavioral aspects of personality. Why we are who we are and what was that turning point that changed our lives. I’d like to believe that everyone at one point or another has a turning point(s) that completely changed their lives, perhaps changed their lives for the better or for the worst. I am also interested in personality types. There are several different personality traits and often at times something happens in life that is the key turning point that could possibly shift to a different personality than before. I firmly believed that in every-day life, our behaviors, actions and personality traits can be altered or changed from our experiences or environmentally. When it comes to Murderers, Criminals, or Rapists these deviant individuals were not born to commit such heinous acts. However, something happened or someone in their lives was the key turning point to why their personality shifted that led them to commit the crimes they committed. I hope, in my future to learn why. For example: Sally worked as a hair-stylist at a local barber shop, she recently was fired. Sally begins getting stressed and worried about finances. Since searching for another job was proving to not be successful she then turns to stealing from family, friends and neighbors outShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding Human Behavior1257 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Understanding Human Behavior: As a critical aspect for many organizations, the study of human behavior and the interactions between people and the organization is usually described as organizational behavior since its mainly geared towards understanding and forecasting human behavior. For organizational leaders, understanding human behavior is a critical skill that has direct impacts on the success of the organization. Therefore, the ability of an organizational leader to be successful is closelyRead MoreIn the modern finance theory , behavioral finance is a new paradigm , which seeks to appreciate and1000 Words   |  4 PagesIn the modern finance theory , behavioral finance is a new paradigm , which seeks to appreciate and expect systematic financial market influence of psychological decision making ( Olsen R A, 1998). In the recent studies irrationality in the decision making was revealed , based on certain cognitive limitations. The present chapter is divided into two aspects According to traditional models in finance and economics, human beings are rational while taking their decision. However the recent studies explainRead MorePsychology, Existential And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy1727 Words   |  7 PagesMy top five theories are Gestalt, Reality, Person Centered, Existential and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Within these five theories my top five aspects that I would like to incorporate into my own personal model of counseling is as follows: 1.) From Gestalt therapy I would incorporate staying with the feeling and use experiments along with internal dialogue exercises (Corey, 2013). The aspect of getting to the root of unfinished business in regards to impasse is appealing in regards to this theoryRead MorePlatinum Rule Disc Assessment Paper1680 Words   |  7 PagesPersonalities are reflections of who people truly are at their core. This past week each team member completed a DISC Platinum RuleTM Behavioral Assessment. As stated in the assigned reading, this assessment provides its users with the tools for becoming a better person, the ability to behave more maturely and productively, and to be more successful. Recognition of different personality styles are observed as each team member completes the assessment. All patterns may not work for everyone. Read MoreOrganizational Testing and Assessment Essay examples1171 Words   |  5 PagesCompanies need to select tools and materials that are effective and reliable in screening employees. In addition they need to know how to properly administer and interpret the results. In the sections below, performance appraisal, behavioral observation scales, the Big Five Personality Theory, meta-analysis, and Carroll’s three stratum theory will be all described and what their purpose is as to being used in organizational testing and assessment. A performance appraisal is basically the same things asRead MorePsychology : Theory Of Psychology1637 Words   |  7 Pagesstructures of the personality of the person as well. In addition, a person that is committed to psychodynamics would believe that the fundamental behaviors and feelings are powerfully affected by motives that are not controllable, but rather are unconscious motives. Previous childhood experiences also have a substantial influence on the character of one that is in adulthood, and where one’s personality is comprised of three major parts: ID, ego, and super-ego. In addition, most of the aspects of one’s personalityRead MoreCognitive Theories Of Cognitive Behavioral Theories999 Words   |  4 PagesCognitive-behavioral theories theorize that human behavior is caused by internal or mental events, and in addition to external events proposed by behavioral theories. Research suggests that cognitive-behavioral theories have shifted their focus, as seen in the first, second, and third waves of the theories. For example, initially the focus of cognitive theories was on identifying and changing maladaptive thoughts. However, recent models of cognitive theories seek to help people evaluate, and changeRead MoreEssay on African American Personality640 Words   |  3 Pages What is personality? How does it relate to Blacks? These are just a few of the questions that might surface when researching human personality. According to Websters Dictionary, personality is the totality of qualities and traits, as of character or behavior that are peculiar to a specific person. Personality is characterized by the collective character, behavioral, temperamental, emotional, and mental traits of a person. While personality relates to all persons, when studying Black personalityRead MoreThe Psychology : Skinner And The Events That Fits With Skinner s Development Process1637 Words   |  7 Pagesperson’s personality and the way that they may behave. This paper will take a look at all of these aspects and how exactly they play a role in a person’s development. This paper will focus on the psychologist B.F. Skinner and the events that he went through during his life and how is affected his personality and behaviors. This paper will also take a look at Freud’s view of psychoanalytic perspective and how that fits in with Skinner’s life. This paper will look at two other personality perspectivesRead MoreIntroduction to Personality Essay940 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction to Personality Personality has been part of debate amongst theorists for decades. Many theories have been developed about what human personality is and how it develops. Even after so many years of research and studies, no one definition has been agreed by all theorists. This paper will briefly talk about different aspects of personality and what influence in the development of personality. A persons personality is made up with his or her interests, attitude, behavioral patterns, social

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Presidents of the Philippines Free Essays

Inocencio, Salve Regina S. W;F 11:00-12:30 BSCA 2-2March 6, 2013 Presidents of the Philippine Republic President| Birthday| Native Land| Term of Office| AKA/ Alias| Distinction| Greatest Achievement/ Legacy| Downfall| Cause of Death| Remarks| 1. Emilio Aguinaldo| March 22, 1869| Kawit, Cavite| January 20,  1899–April 1,1901| Heneral Miong| * He was the youngest (at age 28) to have become the country’s preside * The longest-lived former president (having survived to age 94)| * Gained the freedom of the Philippines from the Spaniards. We will write a custom essay sample on Presidents of the Philippines or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Philippines’ first President| * The invasion of the Americans| (February 6, 1964 )Coronary thrombosis| * He is still a good president of the Philippines even though there are lots of controversies about him. He did his best to protect his people from the invaders. | 2. Manuel L. Quezon| August 19, 1878| Baler, Aurora| November 15, 1935-August 1, 1944| Nonong| * He is the president of the  Commonwealth of the Philippines| * Father of the  National Language * He appears on the Philippine twenty peso bill| | (August 1, 1944)Tuberculosis | * He did a great job to improve the economy. 3. Jose P. Laurel| March 9, 1891| Tanauan, Batangas| December 4, 1942  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ October 14, 1943| JPL| * The puppet president of the Philippines. He was controlled by the Japanese in heading the country| * He was selected, by the National Assembly, under vigorous Japanese influence, to serve as President. | * He violated his Oath of Office and headed an illegal government of the Philippines . | (November 6, 1959)Unspecified| * I cannot say that Laurel is a good leader in the country because there are many wrong doings that he did. He was also been accused as a traitor. 4. Sergio Osmena| September 9, 1878| Cebu City, Cebu| August 1, 1944-May 28, 1946| SO| * The first  Visayan   to become President of the Philippines. | * Founder of  Nacionalista Party * Together with Manuel Roxas, Pres. Sergio Osmena went on a mission to the US to ask for the Philippines’ independence. The mission was called OSROX. The Philippines was granted its independence. | | (19 October 1961)Unspecified| * Despite of the war, Osmena was still brave to fight for the Philippines. He didn’t leave his countrymen in the fight. He also did rehabilitations in order to reserve the Philippines from war. | 5. Manuel Roxas| January 1, 1892| Capiz, Capiz| May 28, 1946-April 15, 1948| Manoling| * The first president of the independent  Third Republic of the Philippines| * Ratification of the Bell Trade Act * The Inclusion of the Parity amendment in the constitution * The signing of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement * The enactment of Hare – Hawes cutting Law in 1932 Tydings Mcduffie Act which led to the granting of the Philippine independence on July 04, 1946| | (April 15, 1948)Heart attack| * His term only last 1 year 10 months and 18 days. But even though he only served short, he managed to contribute in rescuing the country from its dire economic straits. He has he trait of agood leader. | 6. Elpidio R. Quirino| November 16, 1890| Vigan, Ilocos Sur| April 17, 1948-December 30, 1953| Pidiong| | * Hydroelectric project in Lanao * The establishment of PACSA * He signed the Magna Carta of Labor and Minimum Wage Law * Amnesty for the Huks| The Quirino administration was generally challenged by the  Hukbalahaps, who ransacked towns and barrios| (February 29, 1956)Hart Failure| * He was marked notable with reconstruction and economic gain But, his administration tainted by widespread corruption. | 7. Ramon Magsaysay| August 31, 1907| Iba, Zambales| December 30, 1953-March 17, 1957| Monching| * He was the first Philippine President born during the 20th century. | * His administration was considered one of the cleanest and most corruption-free; his presidency was cited as the Philippines’ Golden Years * He led the foundation of the  Southeast Asia Treaty Organization  also known as the Manila Pact of 1954 * He is the first Philippine president to wear a barong tagalog in his inauguration| | (March 17, 1957)Plane crash| * He brought back the trust of the Filipinos to the government and militaries by proving integrity I his term. He is a good man to all. | 8. Carlos P. Garcia| November 4, 1896| Talibon, Bohol| March 18, 1957-December 30, 1961| CPG| | * He  exercised the  Filipino First Policy * He acted on the Bohlen–Serrano Agreement * Initiated the â€Å"The Austerity Program†| | (June 14, 1971)Heart attack | * He believes that the government should no longer would tolerate the dominance of foreign interests in the national economy. Because of this the country learned to stand on its own. | 9. Diosdado Macapagal| September 28, 1910| Lubao, Pampanga| December 30, 1961-December 30, 1965| Dado| | * He introduced the country’s first  land reform  law * He   placed the peso on the free currency exchange market * He shifted the country’s observance of Independence Day from July 4 to June 12. | | (April 21, 1997)Heart failure,  pneumonia  and  renal  complications| * He focused on suppressing graft and corruption in the country. He also pursue the agricultural land reform code of 1963. And this favored the farmers. This does mean he is for the masses. | 10. Ferdinand E. Marcos| September 11, 1917|   Sarrat,  Ilocos Norte| December 30, 1965-February 25, 1986| Macoy| * The dictator who proclaimed martial law | * He proclaimed martial law and reigned 20 years as the President of the Philippines * Laws written by Marcos are still in force and in effect. | Corruption, political mismanagement, assassination of Benigno â€Å"Ninoy† Aquino Jr. | (September 28, 1989)Kidney failure| * Marcos’ term is worst. His administration was marred by massive corruption, political repression, and human rights violations. He is a selfish and greedy leader. | 11. Maria Corazon C. Aquino| January 25, 1933| Paniqui, Tarlac| February 25, 1986- June 30, 1992| Cory| * She uses a yellow ribbon as a symbol of democracy. | * The first female president of the Philippines and in Asia * She was named Woman of the Year by the Time Magazine in 1986 * Mother of Philippine Democracy| * Coup attempts , natural disaster like the erruption of the Mt. Pinatubo, the earthquake in Luzon, the typhoon Uring and it is also n her term where MV Dona Paz sank| (August 1, 2009)Colon Cancer| * Despite the fact that she doesn’t have any learning about politics, she still runs for the democracy. She is a fearless and selfless woman. | 12. Fidel V. Ramos| March 18, 1928| Lingayen, Pangasinan| June 30, 1992-June 30, 1998| Eddie| | * He declared his support for reinstating the death penalty * It is in his term the Philippines experienced rapid economic growth and expansion * He signed into law  Republic Act 7636-  Anti-Subversion Law. * 1997 Asian Financial Crisis| (March 18, 1928- Present)| *   As a result of his hands-on approach to the economy, the Philippines were dubbed by various internationally as  Asia’s Next Economic Tiger. He is a hard- working man and appropriate to be a leader. | 13. Joseph E. Estrada| April 19, 1937| Tondo, Manila| June 30, 1998  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ January 20, 2001| Erap| * He is an actor before becomi ng the President of the Philippines| * He declared an â€Å"all-out-war† against the  Moro Islamic Liberation Front| * Jueteng case * Jose Pidal issue| (April 19, 1937- Present)| * Estrada is a brave man. A fighter against those people who are enemy of the country. But, he is not also that idealistic leader. Still there are controversies about corruption and gambling. | 14. Gloria M. Arroyo|   April 5, 1947|   Lubao, Pampanga| January 20, 2001  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ June 30, 2010| Ate Glo| | * She focuses on infrastructures like the Clark,rehabilitation of NLEX and SLEX, MRT/ LRT extension and the PNR * Tourist industry boost in her term| * Electoral sabotage * Corruption| (April 5, 1947- Present)| * She is not the model of a person with integrity. Her family especially her husband took money from the government’s income. Yes she have many deeds to improve infrastructures but she is no good as a president. | 15. Benigno Aquino III| February 8, 1960| Manila| June 30, 2010- present| Noynoy| * Came from the family who contributed to gain the democracy of the people from Marcos. | * He signed  Executive Order No. 9, eorganizing the Presidential Commission on the  Visiting Forces Agreement * He  signed  Proclamation No. 3, declaring November 23, 2010, as a national day of remembrance for the victims in the  Maguindanao massacre. * Implemented Executive Order # 7 which suspends the privileges of executives of 122 Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs). | | (February 8, 1960- Present)| * Aquino is walking in the shoes of his parents. He is cleaning the government from corruption and improving the economy. But, despite of this many are still not satisfied with his performance| How to cite Presidents of the Philippines, Essay examples

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The McDonalds franchise

The McDonald’s franchise is one of the best performing food service retailers in the world. This franchise has established outlets in various countries and serves a significantly large number of people.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The McDonald’s franchise specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It was Raymond Kroc‘s idea of franchising the McDonald’s, which was by then a single store, that catapulted it into the global scene. This considerable transformation attracts attention to the power of franchising if executed appropriately. The McDonald’s franchise operates as a food service retailer with a particular interest in hamburgers, fries, chicken, breakfast items, salads and milkshakes. The business adopted the franchising concept upon the realization that the demand for their products was considerably increasing. In this regard, it needed to expand its coverage and cater for m ore consumers. The McDonald’s uses agents to operate its outlets in different locations. This strategy is crucial, especially concerning operations outside America, in reducing operation costs and maintaining the quality of products. In addition, it helps shied the business from various aspects of corporate exposure. Despite the high demand for its products, the McDonald’s management ensures that prices remain affordable. Since even the low-income earners can afford McDonald’s products, the franchise has a huge customer base. This has enabled the franchise to retain its market dominance. In addition, the management ensures consistency in all its outlets to maintain its products’ quality. This involves standard procedures regarding cooking and serving.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This strategy ensures the availability of labor as it is con siderably easy for new employees to become acquainted with procedures and ensure timely services. The charges on franchisees are relatively low and thus favorable. The McDonald’s policy requires franchisees to pay a commission of about 2 percent of their sales. This offer ensures the availability of labor for the business as it is attractive to a large number of potential franchisees. Considering the rapidly changing market and consumer preferences, the McDonald‘s keeps revising its products to ensure they remain valid. Outside America, the McDonald’s ensures the integration of local cultures into its menu items. To start a franchise in the food service industry, one has to incur various costs. The costs vary depending on factors such as the franchise type, location and equipments. In food retailing, the main consideration at entry is sufficient non-borrowed personal resources. This is crucial concerning the setting up of an operation base. In addition, one has t o pay the franchise fee, which ensures that the franchisee can use the franchisor’s brand and access support in various aspects such as marketing and training. An Opportunity cost refers to the benefits forgone by producing a good or service. For example, considering a limited budget, allocating resources to a certain type of surgery means that other departments under the same pool of resources will operate under fewer resources and thus may not function effectively. The Initial costs involved in purchasing a franchise are considerably higher than starting a business from scratch.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The McDonald’s franchise specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, there are higher rates of return for operating a franchise since one deals with a product that is already in market, and the franchisor offers support in various aspects of business operations. A startup business has to incur the costs associated with such options. The opportunity cost in this scenario is the benefits of a lower initial capital associated with a startup business that one forgoes owing to the long-term benefits associated with venturing into franchise business. This assessment on The McDonald’s franchise was written and submitted by user Ahmad Q. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.